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Alberta Staggers 2015 Campground Reservations on Opening Day

Yesterday marked the opening of reservation season for Alberta’s campgrounds. This year, in order to mitigate the huge volume of reservations and the resulting strain on the government’s computer servers and call center, the reservations began at different times of the day for different regions of the province.

Starting at 9:00 am reservations were being accepted in the south region, followed by Kananaskis Country at 11:00 am, East and West Central at 2:00 pm, and the Northwest and Northeast regions at 5:00 pm.

Following opening day campground reservations are available online at any time of the day or on Alberta Parks telephone reservation service during regular business hours, within the 90 day in advance time frame.

If you’ve never called in or made an online reservation before you’re in for a real treat. The telephone operators are amazing and will assist you in anyway they can to ensure you have an enjoyable camping trip. The online reservation system, well to put it frankly, is outstanding! You can easily view the campgrounds you are interested in, check for availability on your selected dates and make the reservation quickly and effectively.

For those wondering where to camp before the season begins, there are several campgrounds available during the winter months. Beauvais Lake, Chain Lakes, Cypress Hills: Elkwater & Spruce Coulee, Dinosaur, Kinbrook Island, McLean Creek, Miquelon Lake, William A. Switzer: Gregg Lake & Jarvis Lake, Writing-on-Stone are all open for winter camping. More information can be obtained by calling the campgrounds directly.

Please post your comments below to let fellow campers know about your experiences with Alberta Park’s reservation system. I think it’s gone a long way to making camping in Alberta all the more enjoyable.