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Foothills Surrounding Beauvais Lake Provincial Park Campground
Foothills Surrounding Beauvais Lake Provincial Park Campground

Beauvais Lake Campground

Nothing could be more appealing when the weather turns hot than finding a nice campsite near a clear, cool Lake. Beauvais Lake Provincial Park would be an excellent choice since it boasts one of Southern Alberta’s best lakeside campgrounds.

Located approximately 20 km SW of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is set in a spectacular corner of our province

As you make your way through the foothills surrounding the entrance to the park, you will experience a rapid transition from prairie grasslands to a diverse montane landscape with its lush wetlands, stands of fir, spruce, pine, aspen and poplar.

Since Beauvais Lake provides them with exceptional nesting and feeding opportunities, it is home to many species of animals and waterfowl, and during your stay you are likely to see abundant wildlife including Osprey, Eagles, Geese, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears.

At the southeast end of the lake, is a nesting site that is protected from boats early in the season in order to provide the birds with an opportunity to rear their young unmolested.

A short walk from the campground the lake offers exceptional fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout, canoeing and numerous opportunities for the photographer in your family.

There are numerous trails around the lake and up and over hills skirting the Park. A number of trails take you high above the campground and lake for spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Beauvais Lake Campground

Beauvais Lake campground itself is well laid out with 90 campsites, 53 of which have electrical hookups, 34 are unserviced.  The 8 walk-in tenting campsites are located 3 km from the main campground.

Most of the campsites are located in the trees providing some privacy from fellow campers. Each campsite has a fire pit and wood is available for a fee. Vault toilets and water are also within the campground and there is a dump station across the road. A small playground for the kids is located on the north end of the campground and there are numerous hiking trails throughout.

There is also an amazing group campground with 21 campsites which is also available for group day use.

During the summer months, reservations for the campground can be made online at the Alberta Parks Reservation website or by calling 1-877-537-2757. 

Bears at Beauvais Lake

Bears frequent this area and the park’s wardens will strictly enforce their clean campsite rules. During a recent trip to the park our neighbours left their food and cooking gear out and the park officials were quick to ticket them for the infraction. Unfortunately, prior to the warden’s arrival a small Black Bear had visited the campsite and helped himself. We were reminded that a fed bear is a dead bear since these close encounters often habituate the bears to an easy meal and they can become dangerous.

Winter Camping

Since the park is a popular ice fishing destination, the campground is open during the winter months. Fifteen campsites are available on a first come first served basis. The dump station however is closed during the winter, but facilities are available in Pincher Creek.

My fish Story

One summer when we were camping here, the week was filled with one thunderstorm after another. Making the best of it we went on our usual daily walks and lived life as normally as we could. Throughout the week we were struck by the fishing skills of the local Osprey, whose nest high atop a pole, you will pass on the way into the park. Every day she would make multiple trips to the lake, dive into it and surface with a fish.

Finally on the last day of our stay the weather cleared and we took the canoe out to enjoy the Sun and water. While at the far end of the lake, the Osprey circled overhead, plunged into the water beside us and flew away with a fish in her talons.

Trout for SupperSeconds later, another Osprey, looking for an easy meal or perhaps defending its territory, gave chase. They battled for a few minutes, when suddenly the first Osprey, heavily laden with its catch, dropped the fish and both flew off in opposite directions.

Seeing the fish flopping about on shore just a few metres away, we paddled to shore, retrieved the fish and cooked it that night for supper.
An unlikely story, but one we’ve told several times since. Just for good measure I’ve included a photo of the fish with two puncture holes from the ordeal. It was a magical experience!

We’ve had several enjoyable camping trips to Beauvais Lake campground and if I had to choose the best lake campground in this area of Southern Alberta, Beauvais Lake would be the one.