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Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain Campground – Banff National Park

If you’re looking for a gorgeous little campground during your visit to Banff National Park, then look no further. Castle mountain campground possesses the qualities of a campground normally reserved for those in the backcountry yet is centrally located.

This first come first served campground offers 43 campsites in a beautifully wooded area. The campsites are nicely spaced throughout and many are adjacent to a gorgeous stream running through the campground.

There is a washroom facility with hot and cold running water but there are no showers. There is a small store and gas station just down the road. Each campsite has a fire pit and there is a small shared camp kitchen with a wood burning stove.

Located on highway #1A (Bow Valley Parkway) near the junction of Highway #1 (Trans Canada Highway) and highway #93 south that leads to British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park, the recreational opportunities near Castle Mountain campground are endless. Situated halfway between the Banff town site and Lake Louise, this campground is a great place to stay for exploring both.

Castle Mountain itself, with its 9400 foot peak, is known not only for its majestic beauty but also for its mountain climbing opportunities. As such you will likely be spending the night among at least a few campers with their eye on climbing it.

There are numerous “short” hikes in the immediate area, but also many opportunities to strike off into the forest for trips lasting days if you wish.

Johnston Canyon is nearby and a short hike provides visitors with breathtaking views of a series of waterfalls that I dare say are some of the most photographed in the park.

Near the campground is a site that was used as an internment camp during World War II. It was used to imprison un-naturalized Ukrainian immigrants and other “enemies” of Canada during the war.

If you’re looking for a beautiful campground to camp in or are looking to spend some time exploring the area, I couldn’t recommend this campground enough.