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10 Tips for First-Time Campers

Camping with friends

We’ve all had our fair share of unpleasant camping experiences and lived to tell the tale, but if you’re a first-time camper a bad experience the first time out may spell the end of camping for you and your family. ...

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May Long weekend 2016 Liquor Bans

May Long Weekend Liquor Ban in Some Alberta Campgrounds

(UPDATED March 18, 2016: to reflect 2016 dates and locations) Once again this year the provincial government will be implementing liquor bans in some Alberta campgrounds this May long weekend. In recent years Alberta has used the liquor bans to ...

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Cut Your Own Firewood in Alberta

Harvest Firewood Yourself

A number of years ago my wife and I started harvesting firewood directly from the forests surrounding the campgrounds we stayed in. Now, there are rules in place and you must be a certain distance away from campgrounds to do ...

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Alberta Staggers 2015 Campground Reservations on Opening Day

Camping in Alberta

Yesterday marked the opening of reservation season for Alberta’s campgrounds. This year, in order to mitigate the huge volume of reservations and the resulting strain on the government’s computer servers and call center, the reservations began at different times of ...

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Alberta to Increase Campground Fees for 2015

The Southern Loop at Dinosaur Provincial Park Campground

Alberta’s campground fees are due to increase in 2015 bringing in an additional $2 million which will be reinvested in Alberta’s 245 provincial campgrounds. These additional funds will be used to maintain and improve amenities such as picnic tables, fire ...

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Is Rowdiness Ruining Your Camping Experience?

Camping with friends

When most of us think about camping in Alberta’s great outdoors, visions of pitching our tents in idyllic locales, swimming in pristine lakes and rivers and preparing our food over open fires often come to mind. Increasingly however, campers have ...

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Browse Some Photos of Your Campground Before You Go

Waterton Townsite Campground

Looking for some great photos of your favourite Alberta Campground? If you’re like most of us you’d like to have a good look at a campground before camping there. Personally, I like to scope out a campground before pulling my ...

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Parks Canada Implements Liquor Bans

In a recently released policy statement, Parks Canada has announced sweeping changes to its policies surrounding alcohol consumption in the national park campgrounds. Parks Canada stated that in order to ensure everyone has a great camping experience this summer it ...

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