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Waterton Townsite Campground

Browse Some Photos of Your Campground Before You Go

Looking for some great photos of your favourite Alberta Campground?

If you’re like most of us you’d like to have a good look at a campground before camping there.

Personally, I like to scope out a campground before pulling my trailer all the way up there only to find out the lanes are narrow or the campsites too small to accommodate it. Maybe you just want to check out the scenery a bit before heading out.

If you’ve used Google or Bing to search for information on an Alberta campground you’ve probably come across many websites that don’t really provide all the information you need. We try to give you an idea of what to expect based on our camping experiences but we don’t post a ton of photos.

Well you’re in luck! There are a couple of websites we’ve come across that do provide excellent photos and we thought they would be a useful resource for you.

A few years back, Alberta Parks implemented an online campground reservation system at Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca. While their website only includes those campgrounds that are part of the reservation system, they do an outstanding job of providing photos of them.

When you navigate to their website you’ll be presented with a “Welcome” popup with the most recent important notices from Alberta Parks. Take a quick look to see if any of the tidbits of information are relevant to your next trip. Once you’re done close the window using the “X” in the top right corner of the welcome screen.

You’ll then be presented with a map of all the campgrounds accepting reservations. You may have to zoom in a bit by double clicking on the map to see all the campgrounds in a region.

The squares on the map are campgrounds; the circles are group campgrounds, the number within the circle or square representing the number of each in that area.

Once you click on the circle or square you’ll be presented with a link to the campground or a list of campgrounds available. Choose one and a campground map will pop up. You may have to zoom in or out to see all the campsites.

Simply click on a campsite that strikes your fancy, perhaps one that is a pull through or near the water and another window will pop up showing the price, how large of unit it can accommodate, etc. In the upper right corner of this window are a couple of tabs, “photos” and “pano”. Click on photos and you’ll be presented with a slideshow of photos of that specific campsite. Click on “pano” and you’ll see a 360 degree view of the campsite. Very cool! I have to hand it to Alberta Parks; they created a wonderful resource for Alberta campers.

The other website worth visiting is AlbertaWow.com. This website provides tons on photos of, it would seem, almost every campground in Alberta including those not included in Alberta Parks reservation system. Check this website out and see if the campground you would like to visit is included.

I hope that helps you plan your next camping trip! Happy camping…