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Lundbreck Falls near the Campground
Lundbreck Falls near the Campground, Alberta Canada

Lundbreck Falls Campground

Located midway between Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta’s south western corner Lundbreck Falls Campground , provides its visitors with a cool break on their travels through the region.

Lundbreck Falls themselves are a magnificent sight, with the Crowsnest River taking a 30 foot plunge over the rocky outcropping into the riverbed below. A nice pool beneath the falls and the rush of water downstream provides manyhours of enjoyment for swimmers and anglers alike.

Lundbreck Falls Campground

The campground is relatively small, with only 67 campsites, including 25 campsites with 15 amp power and 7 walk-in tenting campsites.

The campgrounds shares this particular stretch of river with Canadian Pacific Railway that ambles through at all hours of the day. The passing trains seem to add to the “western” feel of the area since the railway and a multitude of ranchers opened this area up in the 1800’s and that relationship is still very much evident today.

A portion of the campground lies in the river valley alongside the river. Many of the walk-in campsites are are surrounded by lush bushes which provide plenty of privacy as well as direct access to the river. We loved the sound of the river as it lulled us to sleep. The remainder of the campsites in this lower section of the campground are tightly packed with a few choice spots nestled among the bushes alongside the river.

Another portion of the campground is up on the hill allowing for panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding foothills. These campsites are more suitable for larger RV’s but don’t enjoy the amount of lush vegetation as the lower campground.

The campground attendants do a wonderful job of keeping things tidy and quiet and provide fire wood by the bundle.

I have to apologize to all of you for not having any photos of the campground itself.  For one reason or another, every time I camp here I neglect to snap a few pics of anything but the river and the fish I catch.  I am however resolved to get a few good shots to add in the very near future.

A photo from the viewing area above Lundbreck Falls, Alberta Canada

A photo from the viewing area above Lundbreck Falls, Alberta Canada

One of the treats for me on my visits here is the thrill of catching some of the largest fish I have caught in my life. The Crowsnest River seems to have its fair share of large trout and even an amateur such as me can catch the odd one. The local fishing shops can provide you with the right lures and give you some great advice.

Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass

While camping in the area I would highly recommend spending sometime visiting the local towns. Both Pincher Creek to the East and the Crowsnest Pass to the west have some interesting history to explore.

For instance “Frank Slide” interpretive centre just west of Lundbreck Falls highlights the tragic destruction of the town of Frank during a landslide in the early 1900’s where 90 of its 600 residents were killed. The rubble strewn hillside is a remarkable sight.

Another hit with many visitors are the gigantic wind turbines that have sprung up throughout the region that generate vast amounts of power thanks to the prevailing westerly winds. These “giants” have become one of the most photographed features of the prairie landscape

As you can tell, I’m smitten with this area. If you get a chance stop by and take a peek, I bet you won’t be able to resist camping at Lundbreck Falls for a night or two.